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Who We Are

Cooper Wellness Strategies™ is the health and wellness affiliate of Cooper Aerobics and the world-renowned Cooper Clinic in Dallas, Texas. With our comprehensive expertise in population wellness and more than 45 years of executive risk management, our Leader Training programs  help employers, healthcare insurers, providers and consultants/brokers develop healthier people, company cultures and leadership teams as a competitive advantage.
Healthier people are a business strategy that produces results! Our world-leading body of research and expertise shows how better health affects an individual professionally as much as it does personally. And when organizational leaders combine their personal well-being with their authentic leadership, and then go beyond themselves to influence healthy change in others—amazing things happen!
We’re inspiring healthier leaders through the Leading a Fit Business™ workshop.

Transforming Leaders

Going beyond traditional leadership teaching, we drive health and personal fitness as a key indicator of efficient and effective performance

Building More Effective Teams

A healthier leader is a competitive advantage, so too are healthier employees! Our client management team collaborates to create a healthier and more effective workforce.

Leveraging Passion and Pedigree

With more than 45 years of world-renowned preventive medicine science, and decades of working with Fortune 100—500 business leaders, our facilitator teams bring unmatched expertise to connecting health and performance for the busy organizational champion.

Driving Success and Fun!

Our programs are carefully organized and fully customized for our client audiences to ensure buy-in and situational relevance.

Meet Our Team

Combine a heritage of preventive medicine and world-renowned research with energy and passion for training and education and an incredible learning experience emerges.

Our Leader Training teams deliver real-world business experience, strategic management expertise and fresh perspectives on how health drives greater output and leadership influence.

Meridan Zerner, MS, RD, CSSD, LD

Meridan Zerner, MS, RD, CSSD, LD

Senior Facilitator

Meridan is a senior facilitator with Cooper Wellness Strategies’ Leader Training programs and has more than 25 years of experience in health and fitness. She is a registered and licensed dietitian who specializes in weight management, exercise and sports nutrition, cardiovascular health and nutrition through the life cycle. Meridan is a member of the American Dietetic Association and Sports and Cardiovascular Nutritionists, and was a continuing education provider for the American Council on Exercise, a global fitness certification organization. A marathoner and a former national aerobics champion, Meridan is also a certified fitness professional who teaches group fitness classes at Cooper Fitness Center. As a Certified Wellness Coach, Meridan is an advisory member of Cooper’s consulting team focusing on executive health coaching. Meridan is an accomplished speaker and facilitator who provides immense passion and expertise.

Meridan holds a Master of Science in Nutritional Science with an emphasis in Health Promotion from the University of Oklahoma and a Bachelor of Science from Syracuse University.



Senior Facilitator

Ron is a senior facilitator with Cooper Wellness Strategies’ Leader Training programs. He is a distinguished professor of psychology at Richland College, teaching courses in Learning Framework, Cognitive Processing, General Psychology and Stress and Health Psychology. Ron is a former executive at a Fortune 10 corporation and a Senior Vice President for a leading telecommunications company based in Fort Worth. Ron has an extensive experiential background that began as a professional scuba diver, Master Instructor and award-winning underwater photographer. He is an accomplished instructor teaching leadership, management development and sales training, and he’s conducted programs on many topics for large corporations across the country. Ron is a member of the American Counseling Association and the American Society of Training & Development.

He is an author in the field of stress management including a college textbook focusing on the psychology of learning, cognition, motivation and self-regulatory behavior. Ron is currently completing his doctorate in clinical psychology. He is a charismatic teacher, speaker, and entertainer who lives by the philosophy, “If I can’t laugh and learn… I’m not doing it!” When Ron facilitates you too will laugh and learn!

More About Us

Our Culture

“People want to know how much you care before they care how much you know.”
– Kenneth H. Cooper, MD, MPH
Cooper Aerobics Founder and Chairman

Service driven people create a passionate approach to all we do at Cooper. Our mission is to Cooperize the world, one business at a time—one leader at a time. It takes all of us working together to make that mission a reality. We crave partnerships with companies that see their leaders as invaluable assets whose health is critical to business success; and who see healthier people as invaluable to an irresistible, flourishing culture.

Our innovation thrives on the continuous cycle of creativity for our clients. Our progressive concepts challenge our clients’ way of doing things, pushing the bounds of what else is possible for greater success.



1800000Human Years of Data
800Peer Reviewed Scientific Articles
370Corporate Partners
2500FitBusiness Participants

The Fit Business Seminar

Leading a Fit Business™ engages participants to connect their health to their performance as more productive, authentic leaders. The Leading Fit Business™ seminar (Fit Business as we call it) is the management training seminar that integrates health as the core of an effective, authentic leader.

With more than 45 years of leading fitness research based on 230,000+ exams of 120,000+ patients since 1970, no other group speaks about executive health and productivity with the authority of Cooper. Fit Business is an engaging experience full of fun, inspiring content-rich simple science and practical tips for leading healthier people and a fit business. Our proven approach is built on science-based principles that have helped thousands of top executives, business line leaders and managers get in shape, feel better and function at their highest level—leading by example and influencing health in their people.
Seminar Snapshot:
• Half-day seminar
• Held at client site or on the 30-acre Cooper Clinic campus in Dallas, Texas
• Customizable content and branding to ensure integration with client culture
• Interactive participant session guide
• Engaging discussions with small group break-out ideation sessions
• Expert facilitator teams
• Minimum class size: 20


We have worked with some of the most passionate and innovative brands across the United States. Our Fortune 100-500 partners see health and performance as key contributors to the success of their people and their business objectives.





Preventive Medical Exam

Named one of the top destinations for a comprehensive physical exam by Fortune and Worth magazines, Cooper Clinic delivers an in-depth, comprehensive examination with unparalleled personal care and expertise for a truly unique patient experience.

Healthy Living Lifestyle Program

Our five-day program empowers those ready to make simple lifestyle choices that result in big results. Focusing on weight loss, physical fitness, stress management and nutritional balance, our results-oriented, fast-track program helps participants achieve their health goals.

Platinum™ 24/7 Medical Care

Partners in your health, Cooper Clinic Platinum brings personal attention and the patient/doctor bond back to the forefront of health care. Exclusive Platinum membership provides personalized service, cutting-edge preventive medicine and advanced primary and acute medical care-all within your reach 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.



How deeply we support your leader team’s fitness and professional performance is in your hands. Our program options include:
Learning through peer interaction
»  Offered only in Dallas
»  Select sessions throughout the year
»  Limited to two seats per company
»  Non-customizable
Tailored to your people
»  Offered anywhere in the US (client choice)
»  Custom content and branding
»  Organization-specific team action plans
»  Participant communication support
The total engagement experience includes all INVITATION ONLY program features as well as:
»  Integrated leader excursion event
»  Teambuilding activities
»  Group fitness challenge
»  Hosted on 30-acre Cooper campus in Dallas, Texas

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